Left to Right: Benign Kingdom art books from Tyson Hesse (of Boxer Hockey fame, bought for Ste), Yuko Ota (from Johnny Wander) and Gigi D.G. (Cucumber Quest), Ultimate Kate or Die by Kate Leth, Johnny Wander vol. 2, Strawberries by Mia Schwartz and Molly and the Monster by Mike Horowitz! Plus an Applejack patch from ALB and an LSP pin from Kate Leth!

EVERYONE WAS SO, SO CUTE IT WAS RIDICULOUS. I got EVERYTHING signed except for Tyson’s book because he wasn’t there and Mia’s book because I MISSED HER ; _____ ; but everyone was so nice and sweet and augghhh it was SUCH A PERFECT DAY!!!! I also got my Johnny Wander vol. 1 book signed and my Gunshow Superbook signed by K.C. Green! 

The Benign Kingdom artbooks are REALLY lovely and both Yuko and Gigi were really sweet and drew something for me in the front. 
I can’t fucking plug Mia Schwartz enough, to be honest, her book is INSANE and I LOVE IT and oh my god I wish I’d been able to meet her but I only had a few hours at the con ahhh Really, I’m just so happy to have a copy of Strawberries, and I hope she comes out next year so I can get her to sign it and meet her!!!!!
Kate Leth was really lovely and sitting next to Marlow Meekins (it was REALLY neat seeing all the caricatures she drew of people) and across from Jess Fink who is ALWAYS such a sweetheart and I just melted everywhere getting to meet all these lovely talented people ; w ;

Running into ALB was amazing, she recognized me from when we met at a Junko Mizuno exhibit in Toronto last year and came over to ME to say hi and I was all flustered because she was SO SWEET AND CUTE AND FUNNY but then I got to hang out with her and Emmy Cicierega and Anthony Clark came over to say hi AND IT WAS SO SURREAL I GOT TO HANG OUT WITH SUPER TALENTED CUTIES AHHHHHH 

Sorry I’m all gushy and dumb, tl;dr, I HAD A FUCKING AMAZING DAY * W *

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